Dealing With Distractions: maximising the commodity called TIME

Hello friends, today we will be looking at how we can deal with distractions that crop up during our year so that we can better utilize the essential and irreplaceable commodity called TIME.

Let’s begin by first looking at the definition of the word distraction.

A distraction is something that stops you from paying attention to what you are doing or what you set out to accomplish. In essence, distractions inhibit our ability to focus on a task or a set goal.

The thing with distractions is that they are not necessarily negative things, however what is true about them is that they keep us from engaging in what we are supposed to do.

A distraction keeps your focus on something other than your goals and your life purpose.

To deal with distractions, the most important and more difficult step will be to first identify the distraction.

A distraction can be subtle and seemingly harmless except for the fact that it helps you spend time and your life on things that do not take you closer to achieving your visions and purpose. The subtle nature of distractions is what makes them difficult to identify.

How then do we identify distractions knowing that they can be quite subtle? We will do so by looking at some of it’s tools.


  1. TECHNOLOGY: the world as we know it today constantly thrives on technological inventions and advancement which really is a good thing. However, many technological products have ended up hijacking the lives of unsuspecting victims. The whole idea of technology was to make man’s life easier and help them achieve things faster; unfortunately today we see a different outcome in many lives, technology has left some folks depressed, mentally lazy, directionless, exploited and even with a distorted life views.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA: social media is both a blessing and a curse to mankind depending on how you choose to utilize it. Many persons now unwittingly spend the bulk of the 24hours they have each day purring between latest posts, trending news, status updates, trending photos and videos, and a host of other stuff.
  3. HOBBIES: as recreational and helpful as hobbies are, over engaging in them can quickly turn them into distractions.
  4. BUSYNESS: this is the act of always wanting to engage in some form of activity. It steals away moments of reflection and creative thinking. Busyness tries to equate constant activity with progress but this is not necessarily true.
  5. FRIENDS/RELATIONSHIPS: our human relationships are meant to be a blessing to us and improve our lives. However, keeping company with people who do not have a focus in life can distract us from our own goals. It is said that wrong company corrupts good manners. Your friends will always have some level of influence over you!
  6. SOCIETAL/CULTURAL DRIFT: a drift in cultural values (for instance from discipline, diligence and hardwork to a get-rich-quick mindset through gambling and betting) has now become a major source of distraction to Young Minds. Thus, inhibiting their creative ability and innovative acumen.

Having noted the above tools of distraction, we will focus next on how to deal with distractions.


  1. identify the particular distraction you are grappling with.
  2. Prioritise your priorities. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what is most important and needful for your dreams and goals. Spend more time on the most important things in your list of priorities.
  3. Take responsibility to manage your life and your time. Be truly in charge of how you spend your 24hours each day.
  4. Manage your relationships. Know what relationships to foster and those to let go. You have to intentionally cutoff people who constantly take your focus away from your set goals-they are human distractions. Like Abraham in the Bible, you may need to let Lot choose a different settlement plain while you focus on your purpose.
  5. Choose to maximize the opportunities that technology and social media provides in improving the quality of your life. Let these tools help you grow in some aspect of your life.
  6. Allocate time for hobbies and recreation. Don’t let your indulgence in a hobby take over your life.
  7. Finally, plan your life and follow your plan. It pays to have a clear plan and pathway on how you intend to achieve your dreams.

That’s all for today folks. Remember to drop your comments and click on our follow icon. Wishing you all the best this year!

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